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All of the team members at Dr. Thomas's office maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Michael J. Thomas

DrMikeDr Thomas hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest where he spent 4 years in the private, highly acclaimed, Seattle's Auburn Academy. A four year co-ed boarding high school dedicated to prepping students for life and college and preparing him for a quality filled life. He excelled at the Academy and was able to also take two college courses while finishing his high school requirements.  He then attended private Walla Walla University for 4 years where he earned a B.S. with two Majors and two minors. He then followed up his college experience with a 12 month hospital residency program directed by University of Washington, earning another degree in Medical Technology. He held one of only 10 seats offered to over 3,000 prospective applicants. He worked as a Medical Technologist while deciding when to begin his dental education. During college, he also earned a Private Pilot's license so he could fly to and from college in Southeast Washington State. For a short time he took a break from academics to become of member of the world renowned gospel group "The Heritage Singers" which toured extensively nationwide and had a weekly television show on WTBN a cable Christian network. After leaving that part of his life he then spent a year in beautiful Hawaii. It was then off to Alaska to work for 6 months on a salmon fishing boat mimicking the cable TV show "Worlds Deadliest Catch".

Dr Michael Thomas graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 1990.  He was quickly accepted into Northwestern University after scoring in the TOP 5% of the Nation, while taking the DAT's, which is the dental admissions test equivalent to the MCAT for the medical profession.  At the end of his sophomore year he was the FIRST student in his class to be allowed into clinic and to actually begin treating patients in the highly acclaimed NU patient facilities. By the end of his first year in clinic he was TOP of his class of 110 students which gained him numerous accolades amongst the Department heads and clinical professors and remained there until his graduation. During his senior year, he was one of three chosen to become a Student Professor which was only asked of those students that showed remarkable abilities and respect among their peers, fellow students and Doctoral staff.  Within months of his graduation he was courted to specialize by three department Chairmen and asked to become an Associate Professor for NU Dental School for the upcoming class of 1991.  He turned down the prestigious offers so that he could return to Los Angeles and fulfill his dream of having a leading cosmetic dental practice. After only six months in Los Angeles, Dr Thomas purchased a Beverly Hills cosmetic practice and relocated it to the very popular "Golden Triangle", where he practices today. At that time he was the youngest dentist practicing in Beverly Hills. His dedication to his career carried him through all the early years and he is now in peak performance and looking at each new technology as a welcomed challenge.

He continues his education by attending 100's of hours of seminars and has been certified in numerous fields of dentistry.

Some of those include:

1. Botox for Dentistry

2. Invisalign-invisible braces Certification I and 2

    * Dr Thomas was one of the first dentists on the west coast to become a certified for Invisalign in 2004.

      He now is an Invisalign Advantage provider achieved only by doing dozens of challenging cases.

3. Lasers for Dentistry

4. OSHA sterilization techniques and protocols.

5. HIV prevention and treatment.

6. ZOOM3 advance teeth whitening treatment.

7. Appliance Therapy Group.

     *Dr Thomas was one of the first GP's to incorporate teeth straightening retainers into his practice.

8. Mercury Amalgam fillings-toxic fillings and how to safely remove and treat them.

     *Dr Thomas has not placed any silver fillings in his 18 year dental career.

9. Has been certified to place "DaVinci Veneers" and is happy to place "Lumineers Veneers" for all his cosmetic patients.

    Recent certifications include:

10. Was recently (by invitation only) sent to Las Vegas to attend the Nationally acclaimed Summit for Top Invisalign Providers.

11. Early in 2008 adopted "The Team Approach" which solidifies the team effort in providing excellent cosmetic dentistry to patients.

11. Diagnodent certification- The utilization of Lasers in detection of tooth decay.

12. Digital Dentistry. Intra oral examination and documentation.

13. Oral Cancer early detection. Early detection by exam and surface biopsy of lesions.




"Thanks Dr.Thomas for an award winning smile!"